'Miss Pettigrew' is playful, well-acted farce
Claudia Pluig
"A veritable treat! Keeps us smiling!"
A good farce is hard to find. Particularly one that holds up for the entirety of the story and keeps us engrossed, while smiling. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is a particularly effective and cheeky example.



Can a Screwball Fable Have an Eye for Detail and a Heart for Fun? Discuss
Stephen Holden
"Buoyant! It doesn't waste a moment!"

Acting, of course, has something do with it. But the charm that emanates from Amy Adams like a perfume in “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” is also a natural gift.


Full of Smarts

"Full of smarts, romance and bygone charm! Absurdly loveable!"

Crowd Pleaser
Tom Long

"A crowd-pleaser! Amy Adams and Frances McDormand are delightful."

buoyantly bubbly treat
Joe Leydon
"A buoyantly bubbly treat!"

"A buoyantly bubbly treat! Splendidly clever! Frances McDormand and Amy Adams are perfectly matched. Witty and zippy."

Enchanting 3.5 stars
Moira Macdonald

"Enchanting! 3.5 stars! Frances McDormand is perfection. She and Amy Adams blend wonderfully together."

engaging romantic comedy
Michael Sragow

"An engaging romantic comedy! Amy Adams is a paragon of originality. She's marvelous."