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Brandon Boyce

Jim Rivaldo

Brandon Boyce is an accomplished screenwriter whose films include Apt Pupil (1998; directed by Bryan Singer), Wicker Park (2004; directed by Paul McGuigan), and Venom (2005; directed by Jim Gillespie). His adapted screenplays include Killing Floor, The Mayor of Castro Street, and Serpentine (the latter for director William Friedkin).

Mr. Boyce will be making his feature directorial debut on Jonah, from his original screenplay, in 2009. His most recent original screenplay is The Shepherd. His short fiction has appeared in several publications and his non-fiction work appears in a bi-monthly online column (under a pseudonym).

Milk marks Mr. Boyce’s return to acting after a ten-year hiatus to concentrate on writing. An actor since age ten, he has appeared in dozens of plays, several television shows, and films; most notably, Public Access, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival.