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Pan Lai

Production and Costume Designer

Pan Lai worked as production and costume designer on Lust, Caution, as is customary on Asian films.

His feature work includes several films for Stanley Kwan; among these were Centre Stage (for which Mr. Pan won a Hong Kong Film Award in the art direction category), Full Moon in New York (for which Mr. Pan won a Golden Horse Award, which is Taiwan's equivalent of the Oscar, in the costume design category), and Rouge (for which Mr. Pan won a Golden Horse Award in the art direction category).

He has collaborated with Lust, Caution star Joan Chen on two prior projects. These were Stanley Kwan's Red Rose, White Rose, adapted from a novel by "Lust, Caution" author Eileen Chang, in which Ms. Chen starred and for which Mr. Pan was a double Golden Horse Award winner, in both the art direction and the costume design categories; and Xiu Xiu, The Sent-Down Girl, which won seven Golden Horse Awards, including Best Director for Ms. Chen.