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Eileen Chang


Eileen Chang (1920-1995) is the most influential writer in China's modern literary era. Her unique style continues to impact readers and writers across Asia and all over the world.

She studied literature at the University of Hong Kong, and began her writing career in her native Shanghai. It was there that she wrote and published two works, "Romances" and "Written on Water," that established her reputation. After living in Hong Kong for several years, she emigrated to the United States, and lived and worked for the last few decades of her life in California.

She wrote short stories (including "Se, Jei" ["Lust, Caution"]), prose, reviews, stage dramas, translations, and novels. Several of her novels, including "Love in a Fallen City," "Eighteen Springs," and "Rouge of the North" have been adapted into feature films. The film versions of the latter two novels were directed by Ann Hui.

Ms. Chang's translation of the novel "Flowers of Shanghai" was filmed by director Hou Hsiao-hsien, and starred Tony Leung of Lust, Caution. The feature adaptation of her novel "Red Rose, White Rose," directed by Stanley Kwan, starred Joan Chen of Lust, Caution.

She also wrote feature film screenplays, for such directors as Yueh Feng (The Wayward Husband and The Battle of Love) and Wang Tian-lin (The Greatest Wedding on Earth, Father Takes a Bride, and The Greatest Love Affair on Earth).

Ms. Chang's writings have been translated into English, Japanese, Korean, French, and German, among other languages.