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Bill Kong


Bill Kong was an Academy Award nominee, and won BAFTA and Independent Spirit Awards, as producer of Ang Lee's martial arts epic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which won 4 Academy Awards (Best Foreign-Language Film, Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, Best Original Score, and Best Cinematography) and 2 Golden Globe Awards (Best Foreign-Language Film and Best Director). The film was also a blockbuster hit, and became the most popular foreign-language film ever in the U.S.

Mr. Kong is head of Edko Films, one of Hong Kong's longest-standing independent film companies.

His inaugural 1993 production, The Blue Kite (directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang), was named Best Film at the Hawaii and Tokyo International Film Festivals. He next produced Yim Ho's The Day the Sun Turned Cold, which also won the top prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival (as well as Best Director honors there).

In 2002, he produced an ambitious and acclaimed slate of feature films. They included Sun Zhou's Zhou Yu's Train, starring Gong Li; Tian Zhuangzhuang's remake of Springtime in a Small Town, which won prizes at the Toronto and Venice International Film Festivals; and Zhang Yimou's Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated martial arts drama, Hero. The latter film, Kong's first collaboration with superstar Jet Li, smashed box-office records when it opened in China before continuing on to blockbuster success worldwide.

Kong's subsequent projects include Kwak Jae-young's Windstruck, the first Korean film ever to open day-and-date in Korea, Hong Kong and China; Secret, written and directed by and starring Jay Chou; the currently lensing Blood: The Last Vampire, a live-action feature directed by Chris Nahon and based on the anime movie of the same name; a second successful collaboration with Jet Li, Jet Li's Fearless, directed by Ronny Yu; and Zhang Yimou's Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated House of Flying Daggers and Academy Award-nominated Curse of the Golden Flower.