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Eileen Chang
Inside Our Movies Eileen Chang and Lust, Caution

David Wang highlights the unique place that "Lust, Caution" author Eileen Chang holds in contemporary Chinese culture.

Chronicle of Changing Clothes
Inside Our Movies A Chronicle of Changing Clothes

In addition to being a keen observer of human nature, Eileen Chang followed fashion religiously, and nothing said more than than a hemline. 

Inside Our Movies On Ang Lee

Rick Moody on Ang Lee's genius at rendering place and time, be it the 19th century England or 70s New England.

Mah-Jongg: The Tiles of History - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Mah-Jongg: The Tiles of History

Bari Zibrak looks at Mah-Jongg: from being a backdrop in Lust, Caution to community center in LA.

Shanghai in 1942 - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Shanghai in 1942

In the '40s, Shanghai was most cosmopolitan city around. Then things changed. Joel Bleifuss reports on what happened to Lust, Caution's Shanghai.

Afterword to Lust, Caution - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Afterword to Lust, Caution

Ang Lee sums up his feelings about Eileen Chang's story, "Lust, Caution" in his Afterword.

Sealed Off: A Short Story By Eileen Chang - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Sealed Off: A Short Story By Eileen Chang

Strangers stranded on a tram briefly connect in Eileen Chang's haunting story from Love In A Fallen City.

Inside Our Movies Production Notes - Lust, Caution

Notes from the production of the Focus Features film Lust, Caution.

Introduction to Lust, Caution - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Introduction to Lust, Caution

In his introduction to Eileen Chang's story "Lust, Caution," James Schamus looks at the politics of performance.