Kurt Vonnegut

"Lost In Translation is my favorite film this year. I loved it."

Quentin Tarantino
"a crush movie"

"This is a crush movie. And somewhere around halfway through watching it, I got an incredible crush on the actual movie – every time I've seen it since, I've had a little date with myself."

Leah Rozen_ABC World News Now
Leah Rozen

"Now this film is funny, it is melancholy, it is smart, it is poignant. Go see it."

Roger Ebert_Ebert and Roeper
Roger Ebert
"It's quite a movie."

"I think that we're looking at an Academy Award nomination here, maybe for both of them. This is certainly one of the year's best movies. One thing I especially admired was the way Bill Murray dials down his gift for comedy, and finds just the right tired and subdued note. Any comedian can be really funny, but it takes a certain genius to be just a little funny kind of quietly funny, kind of wearily funny. It's quite a movie."

Joel Siegel_Good Morning America
Joel Siegel
"great performances"

"Trapped in Sofia Coppola's genius vision of Tokyo, 2003. Fine as the stars are, and I'd love to see Bill Murray get an Oscar nomination, this is the director's film. She has all the chops, what a haunting movie, great performances, great eye for detail."

Christy Lemire_Associated Press
Christy Lemire
"Bill Murray one of the best performances of his career"

"Sofia Coppola's second film establishes her as a director with an assured, unique vision. She draws from Bill Murray one of the best performances of his career; he's heartbreaking as an aging actor stuck doing whiskey ads in Tokyo. Scarlett Johansson, who befriends him in a jetlagged haze, continues to prove she's an actress with maturity and wisdom beyond her years."

Karen Durbin_Elle
Karen Durbin
"Delicate and electrifying!"

"A smart, terrific new comedy with a surprisingly urgent emotional core! Delicate and electrifying! Chief among the pleasures is a great, understated performance by Bill Murray."