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K.K. Barrett

Production Designer

K.K. Barrett has twice been honored with the MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction: for Beck's "New Pollution" (1996) and for Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" (1997).

He has collaborated with director Spike Jonze on several projects: the multi-award-winning feature films Being John Malkovich and Adaptation.; two Silver Clio Award-winning commercials for Nissan ("Lazy Boy Chair") and Sprite ("Sun Fizz"); a memorable Levi's commercial ("Hospital" ["Tainted Love"]); and the music video for Sean Lennon's "My House."

Mr. Barrett's extensive commercials credits include spots for Budweiser, Revlon, the Yellow Pages, Puma, and Mountain Dew, working with such directors as Stephane Sednaoui, Simon West, Mark Romanek, Lance Acord (the cinematographer of Lost in Translation), and the late Herb Ritts.

He has worked on music videos for such artists as Janet Jackson ("Go Deep"), Mariah Carey ("I'd Give My All"), and Chris Isaak ("Wicked Game").

Mr. Barrett was the production designer on Michel Gondry's film Human Nature, as well as the art director on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Hollywood Follies, directed by Michael Schultz as part of the Lucasfilm television project.