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Giovanni Ribisi
Giovanni Ribisi


Giovanni Ribisi previously worked with Sofia Coppola as the (off-screen) narrator of her debut feature, The Virgin Suicides.

Honored with ShoWest's Male Star of Tomorrow Award, he has captured industry attention in several notable features. These have included Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning Saving Private Ryan (for which he received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination as a member of the film's ensemble cast), Sam Raimi's The Gift (for which he received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Male), and Agnieszka Holland's HBO film Shot in the Heart (for which he received an AFI Actor of the Year nomination).

Among the upcoming releases that Mr. Ribisi stars in are Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain, Jan Sardi's Love's Brother, and Adam Goldberg's I Love Your Work (in which he plays the lead role).

He has also had starring roles in Tom Tykwer's Heaven, Ben Younger's Boiler Room, Garry Marshall's The Other Sister, Jesse Peretz' First Love, Last Rites, and Richard Linklater's Suburbia.

Mr. Ribisi's other film credits include Larry Charles' Masked and Anonymous, John McTiernan's Basic, Dominic Sena's Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000), James D. Stern's It's the Rage, Adam Goldberg's Scotch and Milk, David Lynch's Lost Highway, and Tom Hanks' That Thing You Do!