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Brian Reitzell


Brian Reitzell previously collaborated with Sofia Coppola on The Virgin Suicides, on which he was music supervisor and additionally recorded the score with the French pop duo Air.

A musician by trade, he has recorded with such artists as Air, Beck, and Turin Brakes. He was the drummer for the beloved L.A. punk/pop band Redd Kross.

Mr. Reitzell's affinity for film scores led him to compose and record the soundtrack Logan's Sanctuary - the imagined sequel to Michael Anderson's 1976 feature Logan's Run. He has since progressed to working on movies that are being made, including Roman Coppola's CQ. On that film, he was music supervisor and helped record the score with the French band Mellow. His work with Kevin Shields on Lost in Translation continues that approach of combining the task of music supervision with the art of scoring original music for a feature film.