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Birder's Guide to Everything


A well-matched quartet of teens, plus a scene-stealing Ben Kingsley and a befuddled James LeGros, keep the action rolling in this gentle coming-of-ager

Birding sustains a grieving 15-year-old’s memories of his dead mother while connecting him to fellow high-school enthusiasts in “A Birder’s Guide to Everything,” tyro helmer Rob Meyer’s gentle coming-of-age road movie. A well-matched quartet of teens, plus a scene-stealing Ben Kingsley and a befuddled James LeGros, keep the action rolling on two fronts as, on the day before his father’s wedding, our hero and his friends embark on a hunt for a purportedly extinct species of wild duck. More organically tied to nature’s wonders than 2011’s raucous birder comedy “The Big Year,” this amiable teen laffer, remarkably free of snark, could score with general auds. 


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