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Paul Dano in New York Times T

From BEING THERE to being chic, Paul Dano popped up in a recent editorial layout in T: the New York Times fashion mag. In "Style to a T | Paul Dano," the star of Paul Weitz's new film showed up in a Hermès pajama-top shirt in a stunning shot by photographer Cass Bird. In another section, "Asked & Answered," Dano talks in more depth about himself and BEING FLYNN. At one point he, reminisces about starring next to one of the icons of the film world, Robert De Niro:

It was great. He was a very warm, gentle, sweet guy to me. And when we're at work we're both pretty focused and prepared. At first, you immediately try to get over the fact that he's Robert De Niro. You get the part. You're excited, but then you have to push it aside because you don't want to be on the set thinking about who he is. He's your father; he's this character. But, there was a day, it was later in the shoot, and we had this scene, a five-page scene, we spent all day working on it. And I was walking home, and was like, Damn, I just spent 12 hours shooting a scene with Robert De Niro. So, every now and then, I'd allow myself to feel good about it.

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