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MOONRISE KINGDOM Breaks Box Office Records

Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM rose this weekend to set a new box office record. Pulling in an estimated 4-day weekend gross of $669,486.00 in 4 theaters (between Los Angeles and New York), MOONRISE KINGDOM broke the number for the highest recorded per-theater average for a live-action movie released domestically. The previous record was held by Dreamgirls, which opened in 2006. And prior to that the record was held by BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Focus CEO James Schamus commented on the record-breaking weekend: "MOONRISE KINGDOM is a story of love's improbable triumph, and for Wes Anderson and his team a labor of love from start to finish. How wonderful it is to congratulate him, on behalf of everyone at Focus, for this remarkable, record-breaking opening." Get the full press release here.

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