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Lily Tomlin Talks Tina Fey with Dallas Observer

In a special Q&A in the Dallas Observer, Audra Schroeder talks with the great Lily Tomlin about a range of topics including her work in Paul Weitz' ADMISSION.  Tomlin talks about how her own feminist past informed how she played Tina Fey's feminist mother in the movie. But perhaps the high point is Tomlin's take on co-star Tina Fey:

She's extraordinary. She's supremely talented and smart, and she and Amy [Poehler] were so good on the Globes, so much smarter than what we're used to. They were coming from an intelligent place, where you have to be perceptive. I'm 30 years older than Tina, but she is singular. I admire her. She's private, and she has her own sense of self.

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