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Wer Reviews Wer

Although this is subject to debate, there hasn’t been a good werewolf movie in decades in my slightly skewered opinion. There are those of you reading this who’ll immediately bring up the usual suspects, films like An American Werewolf In London & The Howling (Both 1981), some of you will bring up Wolfen (1981 again. A really good year for werewolves I guess…). But I said “In decades” a sentence or two back so those are covered. I’m willing to bet that there’s a couple of you knuckleheads that’ll say The Wolfman (2010) was a shining example of a film featuring a hairy dude who kills people. Needless to say, most if not all of the free world wholeheartedly disagrees with you. My personal favorite werewolf flick is called Bad Moon (1996) and while it’s really nothing to write home about and its transformation scene is pretty crappy, its got a really good script/performances to make up for the rest of its deficiencies (of which there are many). Call me wacky, call me crazy, call me Ishmael – I don’t care, I just really dig Bad Moon.


Well, I just finished watching a new movie featuring werewolves called Wer (crappy title) that I might think is better than all of the aforementioned flicks. Hell, I might just be thinking that it’s the best damn werewolf flick I’ve ever seen, but since this is coming from someone whose favorite movie of all time is The Manitou (1978), you might wanna keep reading a bit further before you go running to your local Redbox to rent it.


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