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Welcome to the world of people, places, and things related to our upcoming film Beginners. This blog is very much inspired by the decorum-busting enthusiasm, the deep belief in sharing, and the all-embracing inclusivity of Henry Rollins’ amazing radio show Harmony In My Head. If you haven’t heard it, you must check out this radical whole food of a show; always geared to turning people onto things he loves, with a surprising and subversive lack of any kind of cultural attitude or punk’s I-know-of-things-more-rare-than-thou judgment. He’s a real self-taught student of music, and truly eclectic, the kind of eclectic that wakes you up to how strange life is. Every time I listen to the show I feel flush with possibilities of the world. And indeed, his show is the kind of thing that kept me warm during the long dark nights when I was dispirited, unhinged, and had lost my way while trying to get this movie written and made. I struggled a fair amount with how to make a film that is so personal. The looseness, aliveness, and wildness of Mr. Rollins’ energy gave me one model (of many I need) of how you could be personal, concrete, specific and also reach out to people – and have the nerve to invite a bunch of strangers along and to keep in mind how much we share. Even our innermost mysterious parts, like sex and dying and falling in love, believing in things and not believing in things, things that feel so confusing to ourselves how could we possibly share them? Mr. Rollins’ show creates the kind of atmosphere where I say “well... I want to be the kind of person who at least tries.”


So, in this blog you’ll find entries on the films, and books, and music, and graphics, and photography, and people, and moments, and events, some years, some jokes, some dogs and some rivers that fed my writing of Beginners. We’re also gonna go to some of the locations where we shot, we’ll talk to our dear cast and crew, I’m gonna do some drawings you can download; basically, I’m gonna share the things that keep me happy and excited, the heroes (the big kind and the small kind) that made me say “Lord, please let me make something that is half as good as that!”


Photo of me drawing on set by my much-more-than-an-assistant Sarah Soquel Morhaim

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