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Tamzin Merchant
Tamzin Merchant

Mary Rivers

As a teenager, Tamzin Merchant realized a dream; her great admiration for author Jane Austen spurred her to phone the casting director of the pending movie version of Pride and Prejudice to ask to audition for a part in the film. After meetings, she was indeed offered a role – Georgiana Darcy – even though she had no previous acting experience. The then-novice threw herself into the work, even learning to play the piano selections that her character would be playing on-screen in the Focus Features release directed by Joe Wright. She played the part, acting opposite Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, and Judi Dench of Jane Eyre.

Since that debut performance, she has continued to cultivate an acting career while also completing her university studies. She has made more films, including Andrew Silver’s A Touch of Love (a.k.a. Radio Cape Cod); and Marc Forby’s Princess Ka’iulani (a.k.a. Barbarian Princess), opposite Q’orianka Kilcher.

Ms. Merchant is best known for her portrayal of Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, in the hit series The Tudors. Her telefilm credits include Sheree Folkson’s My Family & Other Animals, with Imelda Staunton; Bryn Higgins’ Casualty 1906; and Syd Macartney’s [The] Good Housekeeping [Guide], with Alan Davies.

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