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The Private Letters of Emma and Dex

As read in the One Day audiobook

Posted by administrator | August 12, 2011

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In the David Nicholls’ novel (and now Lone Scherfig’s film) One Day, we check in on the two main characters –– Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley –– on July 15 over a 20-year period.  During the first few years, the two get to know each other through the letters they write. To give you a fuller sense of why two characters are so beloved, we’ve created edited-down audio versions of their two letters (as recoded by Anna Bentinick for the Random House One Day audiobook). The first letter, written on July 15, 1989, comes from Emma to Dex (who is traveling in Italy), and tells about her hilarious work with a socially conscious theatrical troupe. The second letter comes from Dex who is staying in Bombay, and is read by Emma July 15, 1990 while working at the Tex-Mex café Loco Caliente. Perhaps a little more than slightly inebriated, Dex gushes on about Emma.

To get the full audio book, visit Random House One Day audiobook page.

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