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Nick Frost
Nick Frost

PC Danny  Butterman

Nick Frost came to prominence in the award-winning Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, playing the character of gun-mad Mike Watt – a character he had originally created to amuse his real-life best friend Simon Pegg. In addition to teaming the two friends, the show also marked Mr. Frost’s first collaboration with Edgar Wright, and the trio went on to make the hit movie Shaun of the Dead.

Ever since, Mr. Frost has become one of the U.K.’s most sought-after comedy actors. He has hosted two series of his own for Channel 5 (Danger, 50,000 Volts and Danger, Incoming Attack); appeared in the C4 sitcom Black Books; starred in Spine Chillers and Man Stroke Woman (both for the BBC); and played the lead in the BBC sci-fi comedy series Hyperdrive.

His other movie credits include Julian Jarrold’s Kinky Boots.