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Edgar Wright


Edgar Wright has been making comedy films since he was 14 (among them a short entitled Rolf Harris Saves the World). His creative streak continued through his college years. There, with the help of his school friends he made a no-budget feature-length film, A Fistful of Fingers. The Western spoof was shown on the Sky Movies pay cable network, and played in a limited theatrical release. He was 20 years old at the time.

The feature paved the way for his entry into television comedy. For the Paramount Comedy Channel, he directed sketches on Mash and Peas (starring Shaun of the Dead’s Jessica Stevenson) and then directed and co-wrote Asylum, the black comedy series (again starring Jessica), on which he first joined forces with Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg.

At the BBC, Edgar worked on several comedy series, including Alexei Sayle’s Merry-Go-Round, Is it Bill Bailey, and Sir Bernard Chumley’s Stately Homes. He also directed an episode of Murder Most Horrid, and the 1998 French and Saunders Christmas Special.

With the creation of the television show Spaced, Edgar returned to his creative roots and strengthened his collaboration with Simon and Jessica. The first series of Spaced, which was shown on Channel 4 in 1999 and which earned nominations at The British Comedy Awards as well as at the BAFTA Awards, was an immediate hit. The unique visual style of Edward’s direction was singled out by critics across the country. The second series of Spaced was an even bigger success, picking up BAFTA and International Emmy Awards nominations.

Before returning to features with Shaun of the Dead, Edgar directed a number of music videos, gaining nominations for Best New Director and Best Rock Video at the Creative Artist Design (CAD) Awards in 2003. He continues to make music videos through the production company Partizan.