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Inside Our Movies Hanna NYC Premiere

Check out the photos of the stars and filmmakers during the premiere of Hanna in New York City.

Inside Our Movies Drawn to Action: Graphic Artists Interpret Hanna
Hanna wasn’t adapted from a graphic novel, but its non-stop action and striking visuals make it feel like it was. We asked three graphic artists to retro-adapt the film to page.
Movie Music The Chemical Brothers: Sound + Vision
Long before scoring Joe Wright’s Hanna, the Chemical Brothers sought to marry their sound to vision.
video Hanna Red Carpet Coverage
On April 6, 2011, Director Joe Wright and his stars Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana joined New York celebrities and fans for the premiere of Hanna at the Union Square Regal Cinema in downtown Manhattan.
video Hanna: Cate Featurette

Watch the featurette starring Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Joe Wright as they discuss Cate's chararacter as CIA agent Marissa Wiegler.

video Hanna: Eric Featurette

Watch the Eric Bana video featuring interviews with Eric, Cate Blanchett, Joe Wright, Saoirse Ronan and fight choreographer Jeff Imada.

video The Wide World of Hanna
The filmmakers went from icy Finland to scorching Morocco, from empty deserts to post-punk Berlin, to find the perfect locations for Hanna.
video The Five Films Behind Hanna
Director Joe Wright explains the surprising five films that inspired the making of Hanna.
Movie Music What Does Music Mean to Hanna?
Discover what music Joe Wright would play for Hanna, or make up your own list.
My Favorite Things Joe Wright’s Five Films Behind Hanna
Director Joe Wright recounts five very different films that helped him in creating Hanna.
My Favorite Things Jessica Barden's Favorite Female Villains
The actress who plays Sophie in Hanna picks five frightening female villains.
Slideshow Hanna Kicks Ass, As Do These Other Fine Ladies
Hanna may be a teenage girl, but she’s also a take-no-prisoners assassin. The news is she’s not alone in popular culture.
Inside Our Movies Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks
Germany’s surreal Spree Park gets a cameo in Hanna. But it’s just one of dozens of abandoned amusement parks that people still visit.
people in film Eric Bana
In CLOSED CIRCUIT, Eric Bana plays an attorney caught in the web of a national conspiracy, a part that draws on the many characters (from action heroes to everyday folk) that he’s played in the past.
people in film Cate Blanchett
Whether an English or Elfin queen, Cate Blanchett proves with each role to be cinema royalty.
people in film Saoirse Ronan
Already a favorite of great directors, this young Irish talent has one of film’s most promising careers before her.
Inside Our Movies Joe Wright Talks Hanna: "I hope it freaks ‘em out...just a little bit."
Director Joe Wright talks about his movie Hanna, a Focus Features release.
Inside Our Movies Behind The Scenes Of Hanna: Making An Action Heroine For The 21st Century

Production notes from the movie Hanna, a Focus Features release.

A teenage girl goes out into the world for the first time – and has to battle for her life. Director Joe Wright weaves elements of dark fairy tales into the adventure thriller Hanna, filmed on location in Europe and Morocco.
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