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The Most Insane Movie Sequels - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies The Most Insane Movie Sequels

If Hamlet 2 sounds like an improbable idea for a sequel, Scott Macaulay looks at some other infamous sequels from Hollywood, where anything good is worth doing it again till you beat it to death.

Caught Red Banded - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies Caught Red Banded

To mark the release of the Hamlet 2 R-rated trailer, FilmInFocus offers a history of red-band previews.

2 Many Hamlets - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies 2 Many Hamlets

With everyone wondering if Hamlet 2 is a sequel, we decided to find how many Hamlet — be they sequels, prequels, parodies, operas or games — are out there.

Sexy Jesus onstage
Inside Our Movies Who's Your Jesus?

Hamlet 2 has a "sexy Jesus" but, as Joel Bleifuss shows, every time and culture has their own Jesus to worship.

Steve Coogan
people in film Steve Coogan Isn't Who You Think He Is

Talking to Steve Coogan is a lot harder than getting to know his many characters, including most recently Dana Marschz from Hamlet 2.

Hamlet 2
Movie Classics High School Musicals 101

Reading, 'riting, and rock 'n' roll may be the curriculum of high school musicals, but its genre changing themes and topics teach us all a lesson on the evolution of youth culture.