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Richard Brody, The New Yorker and Greenberg

Richard Brody, who writes the Front Row blog for The New Yorker website, has been bringing up Greenberg a lot recently.His March 18 post “Being Greenberg” echoes The New Yorker film critic David Denby’s rave review of the film. But even more recognizes how Greta Gerwig shines in Baumbach’s feature. Then on his March 29 post “Ever Greenberg” reconsiders the film’s genre, seeing the movie now more as a romantic comedy than a character study. He writes about the film: "It reminded me that the rules of romantic comedy have changed—that the high-concept variety of the genre is more or less dead. The best romantic comedies of recent years are distinguished by their lack of a mainspring; they are, in effect, stories of people tossed together by circumstances who try to cope together. They’re linear films, which build more on character than on situation, and which, theoretically, could run indefinitely long."

And recently, in his March 31 post “The Stories of their Morals,” he holds up the film, but now as the measure of reality against which to judge several recent columnists take on contemporary morality.