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Today, film critic Elvis Mitchell announced the nominations for the Gotham Independent Film Awards, and Focus Features' The Kids Are All Right and Greenberg will both be in contention this year. Lisa Cholodenko's family comedy received two nominations, for Best Feature and Best Emsemble Performance (honoring the work of Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska and Josh
Baumbach on mix tapes in LA Times
In the Los Angeles Times music blog "Pop & Hiss," Todd Martens spoke with Noah Baumbach on music, character and mix tapes.  He points out, as Baumbach has often recounted, the origins of the film Greeenberg "could be traced to a specific song. LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends" is a 7 1/2-m
Richard Brody, The New Yorker and Greenberg
Richard Brody, who writes the Front Row blog for The New Yorker website, has been bringing up Greenberg a lot recently.His March 18 post “Being Greenberg” echoes The New Yorker film critic David Denby’s rave review of the film. But even
Greenberg's Ben Stiller on The Daily Show
On night before Passover, Ben Stiller came on The Daily Show to talk with host Jon Stewart about Seders, plagues and, of course, Greenberg.  
David Schwartz on Greenberg, Baumbach and Harris Savides
David Schwartz, the Chief Curator of the Museum of Moving Image and editor at large of the most excellent Moving Image Source, has recently done two extensive pieces of Greenberg interest. First is “Screwball Drama,” his extensive interview with Noah Baumbach on his filmic influences. More recently
Critics discover Greenberg’s Greta Gerwig
With the release of Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg, many film writers and critics are seeing Greta Gerwig anew. Of course, Gerwig is not new to film: she has acted, directed and/or written a number of low-budget independent movies. But starring with Ben Stiller in Greenberg, Greta is, according to the some, on the “Verge.”  On, S.T.
Galifianakis Hosts Stiller on Between Two Ferns
Ben Zach
Going on the junket circuit to promote a movie is an arduous task at times, as you have to endure a lot of the same questions from interviewers. However, when Ben Stiller sat down to discuss Greenberg with Zach Galifianakis (one of the stars of Focus' forthcoming It's Kind of a Funny Story) for an edition of Between Two Ferns, their conversation did not exactly conform to the usual softball exchange. Check out the hilarious results of their interview below.
NY Times spotlights Ben Stiller as Greenberg
As Greenberg gets set to hit theaters in the next few weeks, critics and writers are looking at the new side of Ben Stiller shown in this touching character study by Noah Baumbach. Dennis Lim in a recent piece in the New York Times called  "Mortification Man" considers the various el
Ben Stiller Chats with Jeffrey Wells
Slide 8
Jeffrey Wells, the proprietor of Hollywood Elsewhere, has a nice post on his blog at the moment about Greenberg. And Wells is unabashedly a fan, going as far to say that "If your girlfriend doesn't like it (and she may not), you may want to think about dumping her. Seriously." He also declares that "Stiller delivers the performance of his career," and below discusses the movie wi
Noah Baumbach Tells LA Magazine all about Greenberg
The current issue of Los Angeles Magazine has a first-person account by Noah Baumbah (as told to Amy Wallace) about the making of Greenberg. The piece, entitled "Los Angles I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down"––which you may recognize as a title of a LCD Soundsystem song, whose songwriter James Murphy not coincidentally wrote
Noah Baumbach on Greenberg's L.A.
Noah Baumbach
In Berlin for the world premiere of his latest movie, Greenberg, writer-director Noah Baumbach sat down with The Hollywood Reporter's Gregg Kilday. In the following extract from their conversation, Baumbach - who has previously always set his movies in New York - talks about how Los Angeles plays an integral role in this new film. TH
Greenberg Comes to Berlin
Noah Baumbach's Greenberg hit the red carpet this weekend, premiering at the Berlin Film Festival on February 14––yes, that would be Valentine's Day. Rhys Ifans, Greta Gerwig, Ben Stiller and Noah Baumbach all took to the Red Carpet and then later showed up for a Press Conference to to talk about the film. Eugene Hernandez of indieWIRE rep
Mark Duplass Talks Greenberg, Noah Baumbach & Mumblecore
Mark Duplass
A Greenberg-centric post at The Playlist blog has pointed us towards an entertaining interview from last summer in which actor-writer-director Mark Duplass, one of the leading figures of the Mumblecore movement, chats with Movieline's
Greenberg Goes to Berlin
On the eve of the Sundance Film Festial, the Berlin International Film Festival announced the line up for its prestigious competition with Noah Baumbach's Greenberg being one of the few American films selected for the esteemed international showcase. In Greenberg, Ben Stiller plays a middle-aged slacker who moves to LA for a brief vacation, but gets a lot more than he expected when he takes up with his brother's personal assitant (played by Greta Gerwig). Brian Brooks report
Stiller: Help for Haiti
Ben Stiller may be starring in the upcoming Focus comedy Greenberg, but in real life he is very serious about the tragedy in Haiti. StillerStrong, Ben Stiller’s special charity that is building a school in Haiti, has responded to the recent crisis by re-channeling his charity's finances to help the victims of the earthquake. On the homepage, Stiller observes: It’s heartbreaking
Ben Stiller Tells Mickey Rooney About Twitter
Ben Stiller Tells Mickey Rooney About Twitter Image
I mean, honestly, that's about it. Ben Stiller tells Mickey Rooney about Twitter. Yup, just about covers it. Simple, straightforward, awesome.