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Ford Wheeler

Production Designer

Ford Wheeler is currently at work as production designer on Matt Reeves’ Let Me In (based on the film Let the Right One In). He has completed work in the same capacity on Bart Freundlich’s The Rebound (starring Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s After.Life (starring Liam Neeson), both soon-to-be-released.

His other feature credits as production designer include Terry George’s Reservation Road, for Focus Features and Random House Films; James Gray’s We Own the Night; Hugh Bush’s Sleeping Together; and Sean Smith and Anthony Stark’s Into My Heart.

As set decorator, Mr. Wheeler has worked extensively with production designer Kevin Thompson. Their features together include James Gray’s Little Odessa and The Yards; Marc Forster’s Stranger than Fiction; Jonathan Glazer’s Birth; David O. Russell’s Flirting with Disaster; Ismail Merchant’s The Proprietor; Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer; and Larry Clark’s Kids.

Mr. Wheeler has also worked as set decorator or art director on such features as Philip Haas’ The Music of Chance (which was his first movie project) and The Blood Oranges; Spike Lee’s She Hate Me and Bamboozled; Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday; and Nigel Finch’s Stonewall.

For director Jonathan Demme, he has worked as set decorator, on Beloved; as set dresser, on Philadelphia; as art director, on The Truth About Charlie; and as production designer, on Rachel Getting Married.

Mr. Wheeler hails from the Southern California coastal town of Corona del Mar. He studied fine art at Brigham Young University before moving to San Francisco to be part of the counterculture in 1968. Later, in NYC, prior to beginning his motion picture design career, he owned and operated a major retail wholesale store in Manhattan’s SoHo; the store was the largest importer of traditional African utilitarian items in the U.S., supplying stores, museums, and dealers worldwide.