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November 07
November 7, 1955
The Constant Husband Bows on the Tube

In the chill of November 1955, American audiences found a warm laugh in their living rooms watching Rex Harrison and his future wife Kay Kendalll in The Constant Husband on NBC television. Few realized, however, that this drawing room comedy about a polygamist with amnesia was also making history as the first feature length film to show directly on television –– although it did have a short theatrical run in Britain. Departing from the now current wisdom that brands television as the end of the road for any film, a small distributor Stratford Pictures released The Constant Husband under as new title Marriage a la Mode to less than sterling box office.

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Something Wild November 7, 1986
Something Wild opens

With both downtown New York creative subculture and Wall Street flourishing in the mid-1980s, the collision of straight, hardworking men charismatic, possibly decadent women with bohemian lifestyles was a popular theme.

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November 7, 1989
Mystery Train released

Jim Jarmusch's fourth feature, Mystery Train, opened in the States on November 7, 1989.

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