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October 17
Montgomery Clift October 17, 1920
Montgomery Clift born

After the grueling delivery of twins––a baby boy, Montgomery, and his sister, Roberta––Ethel Clift reportedly exclaimed, “I will never have again another child in my life.” Ethel “Sunny” Clift stayed true to her word. The young Montgomery, who quickly became the apple of his slightly obsessive mother’s eye, was carted across the globe––upstate New York in the summer, Bermuda in the winter, Europe in the fall and spring––along with his sister and their slightly older brother, William Brook. In 1957, Montgomery Clift told McCalls Magazine, “My childhood was a hobgoblin, my parents traveled a lot…That’s all I can remember.” But all of this changed when the market crashed in 1929, and the Clifts moved first to Florida, and then New York City. For young Monty, the stability gave him the chance to try out at the local dramatics society. By age 15, when his brother was bound for Harvard, and his sister was at Dalton, Montgomery took to Broadway stage in the show Fly Away Home. A little more than two years later, at the age of 17, Clift was cast as the lead in Dame Nature, a spicy sex drama borrowed from the French that opened in New York’s Booth Theater. Not yet 20, Clift was already a star on Broadway. And while he would be best known for his film roles, he’d defined his acting style and personality at an early age, long before he traveled west for his film debut, playing a cowboy opposite John Wayne in Howard Hawks 1948 Red River


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