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Slide 2: Kim Ki-duk
Inside Our Movies Beyond Thirst: The Korean New Wave

To coincide with the forthcoming release of director Park Chan-wook's Thirst, Nick Dawson takes a look at the burgeoning Korean cinema scene which Park has been at the center of.

Slide 1: From Thirst to Lust
Inside Our Movies Sexy Priests from I Confess to Thirst

The straying priest in Thirst is only the last of a long line of sexy clerics.

Slide One: Intro
Inside Our Movies There Will Be Blood: A short history of vampire films

From Nosferatu to Thirst, films have tried to capture the shadowy, seductive figure of the vampire. Writer Anne Billson chronicles the creature’s evolution.

Kim Ok-vin
Inside Our Movies Thirst Production Notes

Production notes from the upcoming Focus Features release Thirst, directed by Park Chan-wook.

Director Park Chan-wook
Inside Our Movies Cinema with Bite: On the Films of Park Chan-wook

As Park Chan-wook’s Thirst, his new movie for Focus Features, plays at Cannes, Scott Macaulay casts an eye over the career of the provocative Korean auteur.

Slide 2: Making Fun of Fear
Inside Our Movies Laugh Bites

While Park Chan-wook’s Thirst takes a violent and philosophical approach to the vampire legend, some filmmakers go for the jugular but hit the funny bone instead. Scott Macaulay looks at those intentional (and not so intentional) comic hits.