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Anna Kendrick: Finding Her Voice in PARANORMAN
people in film Anna Kendrick
From stepping on the Broadway stage at 12 to getting an Oscar nom at 24, Anna Kendrick has been up for any acting challenge, including making Norman’s sassy sister Courtney (slightly) likeable in PARANORMAN.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse: From Superbad to Superbully
people in film Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Skyrocketing to stardom as everyone’s favorite nerd in Superbad, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has shown he’s more than just a geek in films from Kick-Ass to PARANORMAN.
Jeff Garlin | Just Your (Para)Normal Everyman
people in film Jeff Garlin
Jeff Garlin has seemingly done everything, from TV to films, from writing to directing to acting. So why is it that as the voice of Norman’s dad in PARANORMAN no one listens to him?
Elaine Stritch | Raspy-Voiced Grandma
people in film Elaine Stritch
When Elaine Stritch sings Stephen Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here,” no one doubts that the legend of stage and screen has done everything she sings about (and more). It makes only sense that in PARANORMAN she should give voice to Norman’s grandmother, a powerful woman who is no longer here, but whose spirit lingers on.
Leslie Mann | The In Outsider
people in film Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann, who voices Norman's mother in PARANORMAN, may be a mom in real life, but she’s also carved out an remarkably assured career as a talented comic actress.
John Goodman | Resident Eccentric
people in film John Goodman
In PARANORMAN, John Goodman voices Mr. Prenderghast, the crazy coot whose outrageous behavior seems to echo many of Goodman’s own larger-than-life, over-the-top characters from Roseanne to The Big Lebowski.
Kodi Smit-McPhee | Finding His Voice
people in film Kodi Smit-McPhee
In a few short years, the young Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee has created a legacy of characters, often bound by dire circumstances, whose humanity always shines through. Now voicing the title character in PARANORMAN, Smit-McPhee shows he can bring the same realness to comic horror that he exuded in horror films.
Casey Affleck | Finding a Voice for the Kids
people in film Casey Affleck
The angsty loner figures that Casey Affleck often plays would not make one think either kids' film or jock, but in crafting the voice of the hunk Mitch in PARANORMAN, Affleck once again proves how wonderfully unpredictable his choices and performances can be.
Tempestt Bledsoe: A Child at Heart
people in film Tempestt Bledsoe
Having played the tack-sharp daughter Vanessa on The Cosby Show for eight seasons, Tempestt Bledsoe clearly understands childhood, an insight that helped her voice the kid-frustrated Sheriff Hooper in PARANORMAN.
Tucker Albrizzi: A Hero’s Best Friend
people in film Tucker Albrizzi
From being a best friend to his brother to playing Norman’s best friend in PARANORMAN, Tucker Albrizzi is a young actor that everyone seems to want to pal around with.
ParaNorman | From  England to New England to Oregon
Inside Our Movies From England to New England to Oregon
It took more than a decade –– from director/screenwriter Chris Butler conjuring up the story in Britain to him finding a home for it at the Oregon-based LAIKA Studios –– for PARANORMAN to move notion to motion picture.
ParaNorman | In  the Studios
Inside Our Movies In the Studios
In the world of stop-motion animation, LAIKA Studios, which also created CORALINE, has emerged as a remarkable playground for imagination and talent.
ParaNorman | Numbers and Nuggets
Inside Our Movies Norman’s Numbers and Nuggets
To create the old-fashion fun of PARANORMAN, the filmmakers refined cutting-edge technology, created record number of detailed pieces, and in the end took stop-motion animation to a whole new level.
ParaNorman | Speaking Parts
Inside Our Movies Speaking Parts
Bringing PARANORMAN’s characters to life depends on giving them a voice, and for the filmmakers that meant casting real humans to speak for them, including Kodi Smit-McPhee, the voice of Norman.
ParaNorman | Finishing  Touches
Inside Our Movies Finishing Touches
In the end, the thousands upon thousands of meticulous stop-motion shots were tied together in the editing room and wrapped with a gorgeous score by Jon Brion.
Norman and Alvin
Inside Our Movies A Brief History of Stop-Motion
Since the birth of motion pictures, stop-motion animation, like that in PARANORMAN, has proven to be one of the most amazing and magical forms of cinema.
ParaNorman | Two  Years in the Making
Inside Our Movies Two Years in the Making
As the biggest stop-motion animation production of all time, PARANORMAN took nearly two years and 52 different stages to move from drawings to sets to shooting to screen.
PARANORMAN | Good, Scary Fun
Inside Our Movies Scary Fun from PARANORMAN To CORALINE to Where The Wild Things Are
In PARANORMAN, Norman must face zombies, ghosts, witches and all sorts of spooky things in order to save his town. But the film’s terror is just scary fun of the sort that has been enjoyed by children in books and films forever.
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