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Inside Our Movies HYDE PARK ON HUDSON in NYC
The stars, filmmakers and friends of HYDE PARK ON HUDSON showed up for a special October 13th showing of the film as part of the 50th New York Film Festival.
Laura Linney | National Treasure
people in film Laura Linney
In HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, Laura Linney, playing a little-known figure witnessing a weekend among presidents and kings, acts as our eyes on history in the making. The fact that we trust her so much, as an actress and a human being, makes the role so believable.
Bill Murray | Executive Decision
people in film Bill Murray
As President Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Murray taps into something many might easily miss in trying to connect the famous comic to one of America’s most important leaders. As a beloved entertainer, Murray understood the importance of winning people’s hearts in order to get oneself noticed.
Olivia Williams
people in film Olivia Williams
As the First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, British actress Olivia Williams took on the responsibility of bringing to life in only a few scenes one of most significant women of the 20th century. But then she’s made a career out of leaving a lasting impression with large and small parts.
Bill Murray
Inside Our Movies Why FDR Matters
For British director Roger Michell, making HYDE PARK ON HUDSON was personal in many ways. The tale of FDR meeting King and Queen of England in upstate New York not only had a profound effect on modern history, but connected to his dad in unexpected ways.
Laura Linney and Bill Murray
Inside Our Movies How Richard Nelson met Daisy
Although HYDE PARK ON HUDSON is filled with larger-than-life historical figures, screenwriter Richard Nelson’s discovery of film’s heroine, Daisy Suckley, is deeply personal and intimate tale.
Olivia Colman: Queen of All She Surveys
people in film Olivia Colman
In HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, Olivia Colman brings a new look to a familiar face by capturing both the humor and humanity of Queen Elizabeth. Of course, Colman has made a career of moving between comedy and drama.
Samuel West: A Regal Collaborator
people in film Samuel West
In HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, British actor Samuel West brings a touching dignity to King George VI, blending humor and humanity in equal parts. Of course, for years in film and on stage, he’s honed this skill of capturing the emotional richness of historical and literary characters.
Laura Linney,  Bill Murray and Olivia Williams
Inside Our Movies Some Fun Facts about Hyde Park, Hudson, and FDR
The story of Hyde Park and the Roosevelts who lived there is a fascinating bit of American history. Here are just a few facts.
Olivia Williams,  Samuel West,  Elizabeth Wilson, Olivia Colman and Bill Murray
Inside Our Movies The United Voices of HYDE PARK ON HUDSON
Recreating the historical moment when the British King and Queen visited President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 required enormous skill from the crew and cast, including Bill Murray as the chief executive. Here they all come together for a free-wheeling discussion of what it was like to make HYDE PARK ON HUDSON.
Bill Murray is FDR
Inside Our Movies Presidents on Film
Bill Murray as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brings new light to the inner life of the legendary leader who steered American through the Great Depression and the Second World War. But how have other presidents fared as cinematic stars. We follow the parade of presidents in the movies.
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