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Robert De Niro | Complex Character
people in film Robert De Niro

There is arguably no American actor more admired than Robert De Niro, who creates unforgettable characters such as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, Paul Vitti in Analyze This and Jonathan Flynn in BEING FLYNN.

Being Flynn's Mother
people in film Julianne Moore
The star of FAR FROM HEAVEN and THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, Julianne Moore again demonstrates her depth of character as the mother in BEING FLYNN.
Olivia Thirlby and Paul Dano
Inside Our Movies Being Flynn's Red Carpet Special Screening
The stars, filmmakers and friends of BEING FLYNN showed up at New York City Tribeca Hotel for a special red carpet screening. See who was there.
Robert De Niro and Paul Weitz
Inside Our Movies In Like Flynn
Nick Flynn’s personal story about his father, poetically expressed in his memoir, first captured the imagination of director Paul Weitz, then won the hearts of the film’s cast (including Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore, and Paul Dano).
Robert De Niro  |  A Model Actor
Inside Our Movies "The Only One Here"
Even before he asked us “Are you talkin’ to me?”, film fans were talking about Robert De Niro, and marveling at his uncanny ability to create surprisingly original characters. With BEING FLYNN, De Niro’s Jonathan Flynn echoes many of his greatest roles, many of which we revisit in a special tribute slideshow.
Being Flynn HP Promo Paul Weitz QA
Inside Our Movies A Strange Balancing Act; Q&A with Writer/Director Paul Weitz
While director Paul Weitz had a far different youth than writer Nick Flynn, he nevertheless found deep emotional connections to Nick’s story. It was this affinity that compelled the filmmaker to bring Nick Flynn’s story to the screen, but make it a personal film as well.
Paul Dano | Finding the Real Nick Flynn
people in film Paul Dano
From boy actor to BEING FLYNN, Paul Dano has been a singular talent.
Paul Weitz | Familiar Themes, New Direction
people in film Paul Weitz

From animated Antz to real-life fathers, Paul Weitz instills a sense of humanity into his films and finds a kinship with his characters.

Being Flynn
Inside Our Movies Thanks for the Memoirs
Paul Weitz’s BEING FLYNN, as the title hints, is drawn from the real-life experiences of writer Nick Flynn. Personal histories often serve as the source material for amazingly rich, emotionally complex and sometimes complicated films, as our editorial slideshow of movie memoirs demonstrates.
Being Flynn
Inside Our Movies Fathers & Sons
The emotional tension between father and son, a theme explored in Paul Weitz's BEING FLYNN, has been at the core of a number of powerful films. We look at 19 of them.
Being Flynn Robet De Niro
Inside Our Movies Street Scenes
To capture life on the street, the costume and production designers worked hard to meld the reality of urban life with the particular details of each character. Indeed some extras found being on set almost like being back on the street.
video BEING (Nick) FLYNN
Nick Flynn, the author of the memoir behind Paul Weitz’ BEING FLYNN, recounts the process of how he came to write the book, and how the process of getting to know his dad changed his relationship with him.