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Slide 1: Introduction
Inside Our Movies The Jewish Serious Man

How did the Jewish community react to the Coen’s “Jewish” film?

Slide 2: A Serious Man - A Skewed Focus
Inside Our Movies Roger Deakins: Sticking to the Script

The Coen brothers’ favored cinematographer talks about the films he’s brought to screen.

Slide 1: Mary Zophres, Suited Up
Inside Our Movies Mary Zophres Shows Up and Suits Up

Go behind the scenes with Mary Zophres, the costume designer of A Serious Man, and click through a slideshow of her work.

Larry Gopnik
Inside Our Movies Three Scenes from A Serious Man

The Coen brothers’ screenplay for A Serious Man is up for an Oscar. Find out why.

Slide 1: Jess Gonchor, Production Designer
Inside Our Movies Jess Gonchor: Production Design in Action

The designer of the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man shows us how he works.

Skip Lievsay
Tech and Trends Serious Sounds: Skip Lievsay on Sound Design

Scott Macaulay chats with Skip Lievsay, A Serious Man’s sound designer, about his work on the movie and his 25 years collaborating with the Coen brothers.

The Coen Brothers
Inside Our Movies A Serious Man Production Notes

Production notes from the upcoming Focus Features release A Serious Man, directed by Joel & Ethan Coen.

Carter Burwell at his piano
Movie Music Carter Burwell on A Serious Man's score

The Coen brothers’ regular composer, Carter Burwell, talks about writing the music for their new film, A Serious Man.

How to Cast a Coen Brothers' Film - LEADPHOTO
Inside Our Movies How to Cast a Coen Brothers' Film

How do you cast a film like A Serious Man? Carefully, according to casting directors Ellen Chenoweth and Rachel Tanner.

Michael Stuhlbarg
Inside Our Movies A Serious Man: A Glossary

Nick Dawson dives into the language of the Coen brothers’ latest movie, A Serious Man, and comes up with a cheat sheet to help you understand exactly what’s being said.

Cathleen Falsani
Inside Our Movies Everybody Hurts: the Universal Appeal of the Coen Brothers

According to Cathleen Falsani, religion columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, the suffering in A Serious Man is available for all religions.

Michael Stuhlbarg
Inside Our Movies Behind the Coens' A Serious Man trailer

Scott Macaulay talks to Mark Woollen and Myles Bender, the creative forces behind the trailer for the new Coen brothers movie, A Serious Man.

Miller's Crossing
Great Directors The Coen Brothers: From Blood to Burn, and back again

Nick Dawson maps out the elusive career of the Coen brothers as they attempt to visit every genre under the sun.

Slide 2: Serious Smiles
Inside Our Movies A Serious Man NYC Premiere

The new Coen brothers movie had its gala premiere at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre as part of the Friars Club Comedy Festival, and FilmInFocus was there to shoot the action.

Slide 8: Richmond, VA
Inside Our Movies Jews in the USA

Joel Bleifuss looks at a range of Jewish enclaves like the suburbs pictured by the Coen brothers in their new comedy, A Serious Man.

The Big Lebowski dream
Movie Classics Sleeping and Severed Toes: Ethan Coen & Joel Coen on the Art of Screenwriting

In a further trip into the Faber & Faber archives, we open the pages of Tricia Cooke and William Preston Robertson's The Making of The Big Lebowski to get a rare look at the reclusive Coen brothers creative process.

Slide 3: A Serious Man and Vinedo de Los Vientos 'Alcyone'
Inside Our Movies A Serious Man Photo Gallery

Photos from the production of the film A Serious Man, written and directed by Joel & Ethan Coen.

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