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DJs Share Their Favorite Music Movies

Favorite Music Movies

DJs Share Their Favorite Music Movies

To coincide with the release of Pirate Radio, FilmInFocus reached out to a couple of its favorite DJs for some cinematic selections.


DJ Brenda Black's Five Favorite Films about Music


This educational and moving documentary about the late 70’s/early 80’s underground scene which spawned the birth of the “Club DJ” and “House/Dance Music” was a must see for me as a DJ. There’s a touch of sadness to the storytelling but the incredible delight of the music, dancing and the art of DJing shines through.


Wild Style

The main plot of this movie is about a graffiti artist with a subplot being about rap/hip hop music. While the two have an undeniable bond and I greatly admire all the graffiti artwork featured, the film’s breakout star was definitely the rap/hip hop music. It’s a great insight into the start of the genre and the beats are fierce!


Moulin Rouge

Although it’s a romantic fantasy in a musical form as opposed to a movie about music, to me this film is all about the music. Its creative mashups of pop music from the 1940’s to the 1990’s with original compositions and arrangements is unparalleled and an inspiration to musicians, DJs and music lovers alike.


Blues Brothers

The concept of law-breaking musicians on a mission from God seemed so silly to me yet so fun. Plus when I saw there were cameos by legends like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles and Cab Calloway, I couldn’t resist seeing it. I was glad I did, the fantastic score of jazzy, gospel, blues music used in the storytelling filled me with joy.


Purple Rain

Even though some of the acting was weak, the story of a musician struggling to find his voice is analogous to the struggle everyone faces at one time or another to find their place in the world. That relatable factor topped with the incredible music by Prince eclipsed the B movie aspects of the film for me. I immediately fell in love with it and with Prince.

DJ Brenda Black
DJ Brenda Black - LEADPHOTO

Award-winning DJ Brenda Black has spun such prestigious events as Heritage of Pride’s Rapture Pier Dance, Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing Series, Joseph Papp’s Shakespeare in The Park Opening Night Parties and has been the featured DJ on television shows such as Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. While she herself doesn’t give a second thought to gender when it comes to her spinning, many have noted that she is a groundbreaker in the male-dominated industry. In fact, Black is the first female DJ to have a weekly residency at the legendary Fire Island Pines Summer Resort, Manhattan’s world-famous dance club Splash, as well as many of the most popular venues in the city. For more info on DJ Brenda Black and her upcoming DJ appearances, log onto her website,

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