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John Sloss

Executive Producer

John Sloss has executive-produced over two dozen independent feature films. These include Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity; Kimberly Peirce's Academy Award-winning Boys Don't Cry; Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise, subUrbia, The Newton Boys, and Waking Life; John Sayles' City of Hope, Passion Fish, The Secret of Roan Inish, Lone Star, and Men with Guns; Michael Almereyda's Hamlet (2000); Brad Anderson's Happy Accidents and Session 9; Edward Burns' She's the One; Michael Corrente's American Buffalo; Maggie Greenwald's The Ballad of Little Jo; Ethan Hawke's Chelsea Walls; Errol Morris' Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.; Victor Nunez' Ulee's Gold and Coastlines; Whit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco; and Gary Winick's Tadpole.

In March 2001, the Detroit native founded Cinetic Media, a consulting firm specializing in producer representation (securing distribution for independent features and other content), providing consulting services to end users and/or media financiers worldwide, and securing financing for motion picture projects. He lectures extensively on the subject of global entertainment finance. His other Cinetic activities include consulting for several high-profile film financiers and producers, as well as a partnership in Independent Digital Etertainment (InDigEnt), a series of digital features made in collaboration with established filmmakers and actors, which is quickly becoming the gold standard in digital filmmaking.

As an attorney, he represents (through Sloss Law Office, which he formed in March 1993), clients in all aspects of motion picture financing, production, and distribution. He is a graduate of both the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan School of Law.