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James Lyons


James Lyons is a longtime collaborator of Todd Haynes', having previously edited the features Velvet Goldmine, Safe, and Poison, as well as the short Dottie Gets Spanked. He also co-created (with Haynes) the story for Velvet Goldmine.

Lyons' other credits as film editor include Erik Skjoldbjaerg's soon-to-be-released Prozac Nation; Jesse Peretz' The Chateau and First Love, Last Rites; Tom Gilroy's Spring Forward; Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides; Ronnie Larsen's nonfiction feature Shooting Porn; John Johnson's Ratchet; Peter Freidman and Tom Joslin's award-winning nonfiction feature Silverlake Life: The View from Here; and the short films Late Fall (directed by Jason Kliot) and The Debt (directed by Bruno de Almeida). He also works as a screenwriter and actor.