Mike LaSalle_SF Chronicle
Mike LaSalle
"4 stars!"

"4 stars! The spectacle of Meryl Streep and Vanessa Redgrave, the two greatest English-speaking actresses, sharing a frame together is something to be savored. Natasha Richardson and Toni Colette both give emotionally ready performances."

Connie Ogle_Miami Herald
Connie Ogle
"Evening resonates with gleaming ferocity!"

"Evening resonates with gleaming ferocity! A Dream Team of magnificent actresses forms the heart and soul of the film. Meryl Streep and Vanessa Redgrave come through magnificently. Hugh Dancy gives a savagely intense performance."

Adam Graham_Detroit News
Adam Graham
"A top notch ensemble!"

"A top notch ensemble! Evening boasts an array of strong performances. Casting of the year goes to Mamie Gummer!"

Jessica Reaves_Chicago Tribune
Jessica Reaves
"A laundry list of great actors!"

"Gorgeously shot! A laundry list of great actors! Vanessa Redgrave's raw, intensely vulnerable performance is a perfect counterpoint to the intelligence and younthful swagger Claire Danes brings to her role."

Wesley Morris_Boston Globe
Wesley Morris
"Hugh Dancy is electric."

"Full of the most esteemed stars! Evening is the sort of film certain moviegoers say they want more of during the summer and never get. Were Vanessa Redgrave's performance presented in Dolby Digital Surround it would blow you to the back of the theater. Hugh Dancy is electric."

Sean Axmaker_Seattle PI
Sean Axmaker
"Clare Danes glows."

"Beautifully textured and exquisitely photographed! Clare Danes glows. Vanessa Redgrave is magnificently tender and fragile. When Meryl Streep finally arrives and huddles with Redgrave, like girls sharing secrets, their sublime interplay reverberates with the intimacy of old friends."

Chris Kaltenbach_Baltimore Sun
Chris Kaltenbach
"a cinematic treasure not to be missed."

"The acting is superb! Claire Danes continues her growth as one of the most sensitive young actresses working today. Mamie Gummer uses her marvelously facile expressions to convey emotion and empathy that can't be put into words. Vanessa Redgrave's is a performance of great strength. To see to see Redgrave and Meryl Streep share the screen is a cinematic treasure not to be missed."