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Luke Parker Bowles


Luke Parker Bowles is vice president of Sharp Independent, a New York-based independent film production company.

He began his film industry career at International Creative Management (ICM) London in 1999, following his obtaining of a degree in English and Drama from the University of London. While at ICM, he worked under Chairman Duncan Heath and was responsible for co-representing and managing top actor and director clients.

Mr. Parker Bowles joined Working Title Films' creative department in 2001. At Working Title, he was involved in the development of such hit films as Chris and Paul Weitz' About a Boy and Richard Curtis' Love Actually.

In the fall of 2003, he moved to New York and began working with Evening producer Jeffrey Sharp at Hart Sharp Entertainment. Over the course of his three years at the company, he worked as a development executive before becoming vice president of production. He also was production associate on the Hart Sharp Entertainment production of Patrick Stettner's The Night Listener, starring Robin Williams and Toni Collette.

In addition to the University of London, Mr. Parker Bowles also studied at Yale University and Carnegie Mellon University.