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Gyula Pados, H.S.C.

Director of Photography

A native of Hungary, Gyula Pados previously collaborated with his countryman Lajos Koltai as cinematographer on Fateless.

In his first year at the Budapest Film School, he directed an award-winning short film, Dawn, and shot another award-winning short, Lost Movie. Mr. Pados later graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest.

He began his industry career as a camera assistant for famed cinematographer and countryman Vilmos Zsigmond, working on such projects as Ivan Passer's telefilm Stalin.

Mr. Pados was the cinematographer on several short films in the U.K.. His subsequent feature credits as cinematographer include Terence Gross' Hotel Splendide; Thaddeus O'Sullivan's The Heart of Me; Nimród Antal's Kontroll (which won awards worldwide, including a Copenhagen International Film Festival honor for Mr. Pados' cinematography) and Michael Caton-Jones' Basic Instinct 2 (which costarred Hugh Dancy of Evening).