Steve Murray_Atlanta Journal Constitution
Steve Murray

"A Funny / melancholy mindbender about love and memory."

Roger Ebert_Chicago Sun Times
Roger Ebert
"Eternal Sunshine has an emotional center"

"Despite jumping through the deliberately disorienting hoops of its story, Eternal Sunshine has an emotional center, and that's what makes it work. Although Joel and Clementine ping-pong through various stages of romance and reality, what remains constant is the human need for love and companionship, and the human compulsion to keep seeking it, despite all odds. It may also be true that Joel and Clementine, who seem to be such opposites (he is shy and compulsive, she is extroverted and even wild), might be a good match for each other, and so if they keep on meeting they will keep on falling in love, and Lacuna Inc. may have to be replaced with the Witness Protection Program."

Marc Caro_Chicago Tribune
Marc Caro
"Eternal Sunshine is always engaging, never boring"

"Eternal Sunshine is always engaging, never boring. You constantly appreciate Kaufman's intelligence and Gondry's lively filmmaking, which favors hand-held cameras and energetic cutting while eschewing computer graphics for in-camera optical effects."