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Jon Brion


Jon Brion is a singer-songwriter who lives in Los Angeles.

He also produces records, among them ones by Fiona Apple ("When the Pawn…"), Aimee Mann ("Whatever," "I'm With Stupid," and the Magnolia soundtrack), Brad Mehldau ("Largo"), Rhett Miller ("The Instigator"), Rufus Wainwright ("Rufus Wainwright"), Robyn Hitchcock ("A Star for Bram" and "Jewels for Sophia"), and Evan Dando ("Baby I'm Bored"), as well as his own "Meaningless."

Mr. Brion has worked as a session musician on albums with Fiona Apple ("Tidal"), Badly Drawn Boy (the About a Boy soundtrack, "Have You Fed the Fish"), Macy Gray ("On How Life Is"), Elliott Smith ("XO," "Figure 8"), Sam Phillips ("Omnipop"), The Crystal Method ("Vegas," "Tweekend"), Eels ("Electro Shock Blues"), Grant Lee Buffalo ("Jubilee"), Sean Watkins ("26 Miles"), and Old 97's ("Fight Songs").

He conducted and arranged the orchestra for Tom Petty's album "The Last DJ," as well as for the latter's "Live at the Olympic" concert (recorded for DVD).

Mr. Brion previously composed the music for three of Paul Thomas Anderson's features: Hard Eight (a collaboration with Michael Penn); Magnolia; and Punch-Drunk Love.

He performs weekly sold-out shows at Café Largo.