Christy Lemire_Associated Press
Christy Lemire
"Breathtakingly human."

"Director David Cronenberg ratchets up the tension. Holds you in an increasingly tight grip! Breathtakingly human."

Owen Gleiberman_Entertainment Weekly
Owen Gleiberman

"Seductive. Unpeels like an onion, with double crosses and deceptions."

Leah Rozen_People
Leah Rozen
"An affecting and multilayered crime drama"

"Critic's choice! An affecting and multilayered crime drama from maverick director David Cronenberg."

Ebert & Roeper
Ebert & Roeper
"Full of tremendous performances."

"Full of tremendous performances. (2) The fight scene with Viggo Mortensen in the steam bath … is like nothing you've seen before." (1)

Glenn Kenny_Premiere
Glenn Kenny

"4 stars! One of the highlights of the year!"

Peter Travers_Rolling Stone
Peter Travers
"A mesmerizing power-punch thriller!"

"A mesmerizing power-punch thriller! Director David Cronenberg is a visionary! The bathhouse fight is a showstopper! 'Eastern Promises' is Viggo Mortensen's tour de force. Naomi Watts is extraordinary."

Richard Corliss_Time
Richard Corliss

"Director David Cronenberg provides thrills galore. Excellent. A taut film."