Richard Roeper_Ebert and Roeper
Richard Roeper
"Complex. Rich."

"Thumbs way up. Complex. Rich. Well-done. Tim Robbins' performance is great work. Derek Luke gives a great performance."

Christy Lemire_Associated Press
Christy Lemire
"Keeps you guessing"

"Keeps you guessing even until the very end. It's the most subtle, complex work we've seen from Tim Robbins in years."

Cole Smithey
"An incendiary movie."
"An incendiary movie. Derek Luke builds layers of tension over his character's emotional wounds, and conveys a ferocity that is staggering for its depth."
Stephen Farber_MovielineHollywood Life
Stephen Farber
"Philip Noyce's direction is first-rate."
"The film opens with very powerful scenes. Director Phillip Noyce and screenwriter Shawn Slovo raise provocative, timely questions. Superb performances all around. Derek Luke transforms himself completely and achieves a series of electrifying moments. Philip Noyce's direction is first-rate. The crowd scenes have a bruising immediacy, and they thrust us right into the tumult."
Pete Hammond_Maxim
Pete Hammond
"Tim Robbins is terrific."
"An explosive real-life screen thriller that has that rare combination of heart-pounding excitement and a great human story. Derek Luke gives a heartbreaking and Oscar worthy performance. Tim Robbins is terrific."
Karen Berg_OK Magazine
Karen Berg
"Five stars! An inspiration! Derek Luke is remarkable. Tim Robbins is powerful."
David Ansen_Newsweek
David Ansen
"Moving, well crafted. Derek Luke has real movie-star power. He's enormously sympathetic."