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Philip Miller


Philip Miller is a South African composer and music producer who creates music and sound for film, television, video, and live performance.

He has composed music for many television series, including the award–winning Yizo Yizo and the acclaimed Gaz'lam (starring Bonnie Henna of Catch a Fire); and such feature films as Ian Gabriel's Forgiveness, Teddy Mattera's Max and Mona, and Revel Fox's The Flyer.

In 2003, working with a variety of singers and musicians from different regions in South Africa, he produced "an album of traditional South African lullabies, "The Thula Project."

Mr. Miller has worked extensively for over a decade with internationally acclaimed artist and filmmaker William Kentridge, composing soundtracks to many of his animated films; among them, Felix in Exile, Weighing and Wanting, Stereoscope, Medicine Chest, and Journey to the Moon. Continuing their collaboration, Mr. Miller has composed the music for a multimedia installation, "Black Box/Chambre Noire." Commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin, the installation will be exhibited later this year at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.