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Johnny Breedt

Production Designer

Johnny Breedt was born in the small town of Oberholzer, near Carltonville, in South Africa. He began a career in the arts after completing a course in theatre crafts at the Pretoria Technikon. During this time, he worked for the State Theatre and received numerous honors, including the Pretorium Trust and Chamber of Mines Prestige awards.

A military stint followed, after which Mr. Breedt completed a course in film production at the College for Educational Technology and pursued a career in art direction and production design in the film industry. He was part of the crew on such major international productions as Hugh Hudson's I Dreamed of Africa and Andy Tennant's Anna and the King, before advancing to production design work.

His features as production designer include Terry George's award–winning Hotel Rwanda; Carroll Ballard's acclaimed Duma; and an upcoming thriller directed by Michael Katleman.