A.O. Scott_New York Times
A.O. Scott
"Funny, tender and generous."

"Funny, tender and generous. Every detail is carefully judged and placed. Director Jim Jarmusch's style suits Bill Murray – who appears in virtually every frame – perfectly."

Ty Burr_Boston Globe
Ty Burr

"4 stars! A miracle! Very, very funny! One of the best films of the year."

Jack Mathews_NY Daily News
Jack Mathews

"One of Bill Murray's best performances!"

Richard Roeper_Ebert and Roeper
Richard Roeper
"Terrific performances"

"One of the best movies so far this year. Bill Murray does so much just with facial expressions. Terrific performances in this film."

William Arnold_Seattle PI
William Arnold
"An absorbing, mesmerizing road trip"

An absorbing, mesmerizing road trip with an emotional impact that's hard to shake! A perfect vehicle for Bill Murray."

Bill Muller_Arizona Republic
Bill Muller

"An elegant, evocative film! Puts Bill Murray in line for another Oscar nomination."

Michael Wilmington_Chicago Tribune
Michael Wilmington
"The actors all deliver brilliantly"

"Director Jim Jarmusch is one of the great American masters of the road movie. The actors all deliver brilliantly � with Bill Murray heading the pack."