Brokeback Mountain | Trailer and clips from Brokeback Mountain

Directed by Ang Lee

The Kiss
Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar share a tender moment when reuniting after several years.
Part 6: The Long Trek to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
A video on Focus Features’ 2005 BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.
Brokeback Mountain: Trailer

The trailer for the Focus Features film Brokeback Mountain.

What're You Waitin' for, Cowboy?

Lureen introduces herself to Jack.

It Ain't Gonna Be That Way

Jack and Ennis talk about their future.

You Didn't Go Up There to Fish

Alma confronts Ennis with her suspicions.

Boss Called

Ennis drops the kids off to Alma at work.

You Gonna Do This Again Next Summer?

Jack and Ennis give each other a tentative goodbye.


Gordon Ampel, Vice President of Global Operations for Focus Features, picks a scene from BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN as one of his favorites.