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USA Today Spotlights Christopher Plummer

Focus Features 02.21.2012

In USA Today, Elysa Gardner's article, "No Beginner: Christopher Plummer Could Win His First Oscar," surveys the magnificent career of the actor now up for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Mike Mills' BEGINNERS. Plummer, ever gracious, points out how many great actors didn't get Oscar buzz till late in his career, if at all: "If you look back, men like Claude Rains were nominated (for an Academy Award) but never won. ... And Charlie Chaplin didn't get one until he was 83. Can you believe that?" But while much of the article points the spotlight on Plummer, he redirects the attention to the film, explaining, "I'm thrilled if, in any way, (my) winning some awards and being nominated here will help bring it back into people's minds." Plummer, in defining his part, explains: "Hal is a man who is determined to have fun; he's so relieved and fulfilled to finally be out in the open. He's shocked when he learns he's going to die, but he recovers. It's a terribly human little story, and a rather important one."