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THE BOXTROLLS game Slide 'N' Sneak Ready to Play

Focus Features 09.18.2014

Like to play? The official mobile game for THE BOXTROLLS is now available for iOS and coming to Android, announced LAIKA, Focus Features and RED Games.

The Boxtrolls: Slide 'n' Sneak shares the movie's spirit of innovation and visual integrity, and thereby achieves a level of quality that is unprecedented in mobile gaming. To emulate LAIKA's unique animation style in a touch screen experience, RED Games used traditional animation techniques to create interactive characters from images taken directly from the film, preserving all the details and textures in rich retina-quality graphics. The game utilizes the native gyroscope in many devices to provide a sense of depth - menu scenes twist and move as the user tilts the device, creating a parallax effect that is stunning.

To play, you journey through the world of Cheesebridge on a mission to rescue captured Boxtrolls from the devious Red Hats' factory lair! Run, jump, and slide to avoid unexpected Red Hat encounters and traps, and collect gears and cogs in over 30 increasingly difficult levels inspired by the movie's thrilling scenes. Receive a light bulb reward for completing a level successfully, or earn three for a perfect run. In order to progress to a new area of Cheesebridge, players need to collect a specific number of light bulbs and defeat the Red Hats.

To get started, download the game from iTunes now