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Sofia Coppola and Stephen Dorff tell all in Interview Magazine

Focus Features 01.10.2011

With Sofia Coppola working so closely with the Stephen Dorff, the star of her recent feature Somewhere, it only makes sense that she should interview him at some point. So Interview Magazine got the director and her actor together for that very purpose. Their chat ranges from the body double in the Britney Spears video that Dorff did to visiting Paris to Dorff staying at the Chateau Marmont under his character’s name during the making of Somewhere. It’s a spirited conversation between two friends and artists. Here's a small exchange about their mutual interest in contemporary art:

COPPOLA: Obviously, I don’t like a lot of dialogue, but I liked that there is all of this stuff between them that is unsaid and you can feel that it’s there without saying it. I feel like life is like that. So I’m glad we did those rehearsals, if you can call them that. I feel like it also helped to get all the big emotions out so we could be understated with the movie, but have them underneath it. Should we talk about Ed Ruscha? I’m glad that you told me about that piece of his. I’m looking at it right now: Cold Beer Beautiful Girls.

DORFF: That came from me, kind of. I was at the studio and I’d become friendly with Ed. I originally met him through Tony Shafrazi [the gallerist and art dealer], but I always loved his work. I was in Paris and at your apartment and I was checking out that room where all those photos are in there?