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Paul Weitz Tell All to

Focus Features 02.28.2012

At, Edward Douglas sits down with Paul Weitz, the writer/director of BEING FLYNN. A very smart, wide-ranging discussion that covers the film's development, casting of Robert De Niro, involvement of Nick Flynn (who wrote the original memoir) and the film's unique mix of humor and hard-topic issues. At the end, Douglas asks Weitz about his use of Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough), who'd previously scored About a Boy, to create the soundtrack for BEING FLYNN as well.

I'd been listening to Damon's albums over the years, and while I was shooting it, I was listening to his most recent album, "It's What I'm Thinking Of." It's pretty funny 'cause I called him up and I said, "How'd you feel about doing another movie with me?" Then I sent him the film and I'd copped some of his songs in there, and also some piano pieces by Bach that would play under De Niro, because De Niro thinks of himself as a classic writer. Damon called me and said, "Well, it seems like very different music from what I write," so I said, "Well, how would you feel about trying to do Bach-ess versions of the themes of the songs that you're going to write for this?" He did it, and even if I'm the only one who feels it, there's some connection between the whole story. When it's following the two characters' stories equally, I think it's a great benefit to have one artist doing all the music. It was a joy, and also I'm just a fan of his.